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Jeevan Care center, A humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice, is founded in 2003 by Mr. G.K Vasantarajan and like minded well-wishers. From that period Jeevan Care Center is working for the improvement of different segments which very much need the helping hands.

Jeevan Care Center is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under the Charitable Act of Govt.of India.

Reg No: 1461/2004. Date: 14.06.2004.

We are helping the old age people, widows, poor children who need better education, helping youth for self employment etc. etc..

About the Founder


Mr. G.K Vasantarajan M.A(Socialogy): As a social worker for long period Mr. Vasantarajan was very much engaged with the people and their problems. This led him to promote a charitable trust to help the poor. For further enquiries Contact - "94455 60966, 95518 86888".

 Name  Designation  Address
 G.K Vasantarajan  Founder  86, Palani Andavar Koil St, Aynavaram, Chennai - 600023
 V. Parciyal  Secretary   86, Palani Andavar Koil St, Aynavaram, Chennai - 600023
 J. Sheela Suganthan  Treasurer

 NO 19, Ramanujam Nagar, Thiuvattiyur, chennai - 600019

 K. David Raj  Trustee  Charuvichavilai Veedu, Kappukaadu Post, Kanyakumari
 S. Roselin  Trustee

 No 60, Manikka Vinayagar Koil Street, Perambur,
  Chennai - 600011

 N. Bavanathan  Trustee

 No 30, Sri Ambal Nagar, Poonamalle, Chennai - 600056

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision includes better living of the old age people, employment for widows, better education for poor children, self employment for poor youth.

The mission of the TRUST is to find lasting solutions to the challenges threatening the lives of the most vulnerable sections of the society - Children, Youth, and Women, Old, Sick and the under-privileged, desperately poor people of India and bring collective solutions to uplift them in a phased manner and spreading the message of charity culture all over the world.

Our mission is to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child.

The Mission of Serving Our World is to bring relief to all ethnic groups, especially focusing on orphans and abandoned children and families in remote areas of the world. Moving people toward a new vision and enabling them with the skills and resources for a brighter future.

Recent Activities at Jeevan Care


Scheduled Tribe Womens Group and welfare schemes

Under the Womens welfare group scheme, Jeevan Care Cetre formed Special welfare groups for Backward class womens. This is a major step by Jeevan care center to upbring the underpriviledged of our society.


Childrens Welfare Schemes

There are thousands of children in our society who dont have the opportunity to study and grow. Jeevan care center is taking special attention from the beginning to make opportunity for those loving children of our society.


Womens Selfhelp Groups

The Womens Self Help Groups - A unique program of its kind formed by Jeevan Care center is aiming to help women to earn income for their living. Through this program Jeevan Care center provides all assistance for women.


     Jeevan Care Center Old Age Home Public Charitable Trust was started with the aim to serve people. The main objective , working & certain working policies & plans are described briefly as follows first of all the Aim to start such a trust was based on a Tamil saying sung by the farce Theivapulavar Avaiyar Seriously poverty is a pathetic toxin, only those who have a personal experience with poverty can explain the toximation of it, Rather Everybody cannot know the Nature & features of Poverty. Only those who have been through poverty can have a clear view (or) know about the mind setup and sufferings of those who are in it many even commit suicide due to the extreme of poverty, those who do so would have gone through many sufferings and tortures only at the peak or the last stage they decide to quit. The main reasons for such mis-happenings are the lower awareness about the ways to safeguard themselves from poverty (or) they are not will taught to come out of poverty. Because of poverty they even try to quit their facilities and children. Lack of self awareness is another problem prevailing the Jeevan care center old age home is started (or) organized by those such people who have been through all the suffering and those who have found their way our of poverty. This helps in understanding the problems of victims and also helps to secure as a guide for those victims to also come out of poverty. This is the main objective of Jeevan Care Center Old Age Home. Is it though to abolish poverty alone? Certain other Important Amerities are also required. They are Education & Employment, Employment is related to education, they both play as important role. For education we have schools to educate, for employment we have classes for computer training, stitching, small scale industry training. We also thought or helping those who are helpless, so inducing all the basic facilities that an individual need, we also started the needy home with all the facilities. These are all a part of our charitable trust. We also look upon the helpless widow women, we teach (or) train them for employment we also arrange for employment. We also arrange plans for boarding and we give them the self-confidence that they still have a life to live on their own earnings. We also take the responsibility of improving their life style. Whatever pleasures a man may have throughout his life money, wealth, health and positions. When he reaches the old age all people are the same, t hey long for low and affection. Based on this aspect we take care of the people in our old age homes. Unfortunately these aspects are not being fulfilled by their children relatives or their wealth and so they are left alone separated from their family. The main aim of Jeevan Care is to provide t he love and affection and good food facility and also to take good care of them through t he last few days of their life. Moreover we try to convince them and try to wipe act their sorrows because the youngsters are the pillars of the future India. 70 build up good youth, certain aspects like good education, industrial training are necessary. But it always remains questioned whether each and every youngster can be provided with such facilities. To make every man a success and no man a failure we take responsibility to provide the education and industrial training through our schools & research centers. To Co-ordinate and to organize all the above mentioned tasks. Initially Jeevan Care Center Old Age Home Public Charitable Trust was started on 14.06.2004 and was registered on the same date. The registration number of Jeevan Care Center Old Age Home Charitable Trust is 1461 / 04. From the day of starting it has started this service to the needful society. The initiative head or the founder of Jeevan Care Center Old age Charitable trust Mr.G.K. VASANTHARAJAN directors (or) guides the caretakers like a fish swimming in the opposite direction of the waves. He is a man of success. The secretary of our trust is V. PERCIYAL. He is a person who was born and bought up in a poverty line family and at that stage he was starving for even a times meal all the associates and caretakers of this trust are from a very poor background and they are very well informed above the needy. It is only because of all t he services rendered by the associates and caretakers the Jeevan Care Center Old Age Home Public Charitable trust has developed into one of many recognized trusts in India. It is a Group and not a one man show our trust helps all the needy people. It provides all sorts facility to the people in the old age homes. The main success of our trust is we are non profit motive but instead we are services motive. Our branches are widened in the following areas also. Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur district. In Thiruvallur district we offer small scale industries for men and women and socially responsible people take up the responsibility for their. They co-operate with our ideologies very well. Moreover we make sure that all the stipends and facilities from the government reaches the poor and needy properly we also keep a track of the concerned authority. We also serve the tribal groups and distinguished caste people. We select the best out coming students and we provide school fees, uniforms books and all necessary stationary for studies if they really deserve it we also concentrate on extending our boundaries to all the districts of Tamil Nadu. We have also started free medication services. If your interested to know more about our Jeevan Care Center old age home public charitable trust logon to our website visit our website for more information. Our trust is always ready to help the poor and needy. The happiness we get from helping other have no words to explain and it is not measurable we have to be a role model in helping others.

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